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Business Meeting

Ray Liu founded Core Insights Consulting in 2017, but the beginnings of the company goes back to the early 2000’s.

Driven by an interest in business and social psychology, Ray started his career as a marketing research consultant for the Nielsen Company, where he developed data programming and statistical analysis capabilities.

After earning his MBA at Columbia Business School, he returned to the business world with a broader business perspective and shifted his focus to the realm of human capital.

Ray took on different roles within Human Resource teams in New York’s financial sector before landing in a Singapore, where he worked as a consultant for the Temasek Management Services Consultancy and eventually Mercer Human Capital.

Upon repatriating to the United States in 2015, he settled back into NYC life and began to work on independent consulting engagements with a focus on analyzing market and workforce data. Ray saw that his analytical rigor and interest in people psychology could be applied to both a consumer and employee angle. He was able to help interpret masses of information that companies were struggling to manage and help turn these insights into future plans.

Ray’s expertise from his past consulting careers has helped various clients understand their business from both external market and internal operations perspectives.

In 2017, Ray formally incorporated his services to create Core Insights Consulting LLC.

Today, he continues to use analytics to help organizations listen to and develop relationships with their customers and employees.

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